No matter where you live, coast to coast (and beyond), we can restore your precious antique piano or pump organ.

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Just call today, or drop us an E-mail. We will arrange for your piano to be picked up, delivered directly to our restoration shop, and returned when completed. If you have a valuable antique piano, or a family heirloom, you need the best working for you.

Transportation is no problem. Let us worry about getting your piano on the move, and you can have peace of mind that all our restoration work will be done professionally.

How do we get your piano here?

A Henry F. Miller Nine Foot Concert Grand Piano- Rebuilt and Refinished

A Behning Console piano, rescued from flood waters and fully restored.

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Look at these two beautiful instruments - one the largest piano made, and the other a simple, but lovely console. Both back from the dead, and both worth the investment.

Getting your piano to our shop and safely back home is more easy than you would think. However, when dealing with something as treasured as 'grandmother's piano' you need the very best working for you. It is not enough to just load your piano onto a common carrier truck and hope it gets to its destination in one piece. You absolutely need the expert service of MODERN PIANO MOVING in your corner all the way.

MODERN PIANO MOVING takes care of all our long distance piano moving needs. Their trailers are a special, air ride suspension design to insure the priceless cargo travels smoothly at all times. The crew members on each trailer are all FULL-TIME employees who are trained in the methods and practices of moving all different types of pianos. Day trippers and one-time helpers are not used for piano moving. From Modern's home base in Saint Louis, they operate six locations nationwide-- Missouri, Virginia, Indiana, Georgia, Colorado and California, and cover the entire continental United States. World-Wide service is also available.

The crew at Modern has some very special equipment right with them in the trailer to tackle those difficult moving jobs.

Before each Modern trailer hits the open road, it is fully inspected and tested for optimal performance. Not only can you be sure your that your piano is in the hands of experienced drivers and handlers, but you may also rest easy that the vehicle is in perfect condition.
In addition, all Modern's trailers and all six warehouse locations are climate controlled to insure pianos and organs are never exposed to high or low humidity.

Since 1935, Modern Piano Moving has been moving pianos and organs safely and securely throughout the country. You can depend on this outstanding team of experts to bring your piano to Action Piano Company, and get it home to you in perfect condition. Everything is also fully insured.

Second Floor? Modern can handle it.

Modern is the nations first, LARGEST, and best DOOR-TO-DOOR piano mover.

Members of the Better Business Bureau.