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If you don't see many pianos and organs on this page for sale, it is because we do NOT buy and sell pianos as a business-- we only do restorations for customers and music merchants. The sale of pianos is much better handled by a retail music store, where the customer has an opportunity to look over the instrument and become well acquainted with the dealer. On occasion, however, we will acquire an item from a customer who has, for one reason or another, been unable to accept delivery of a completed piano or organ. When this happens, we will offer the piano to the public through our website and classified advertisements. Also, as a service to several of our colleagues in the piano restoration business, we may display a piano, which they have restored and are offering for sale. In the later case, you will be dealing with the piano technician who actually owns and restored the piano, and not with Action Piano Company. It is well worth noting, however, that you can often save a great deal of money when you deal directly with the technician who actually did the rebuilding work.

Brambach Baby Grand Piano:
This Brambach piano has been rebuilt inside, including all new strings, restored and refinished soundboard, newly guilded cast iron plate, fully restored Gold leaf sound board insignia, new Nickel-Plated tuning pins and new solid Maple pin block. The piano action has the original Brambach hammers, which have been serviced. The action has been lubricated, regulated and restored with all new leather parts and keytops, and has been tuned five times at the work shop. The cabinet has been refinished in Satin-Black Lacquer. All brass parts are original and polished. The technician offering this piano for sale has many years of service in the piano restoration business and has rebuilt hundreds of pianos of all makes. He lives in Northern New Jersey and can be contacted through e-mail. Please write to us and we will send you his e-mail address and telephone contact information.
Music Store Price $5,800.00. Price, Delivered* and setup $3,650.00
* Free Delivery is included for residents of New Jersey. Shipping can be arranged for other areas.


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Tom Thumb Style, Made by the Cable Piano Company, 1912

The beauty and overall size of this piano may have a tendency to fool your eye. This is one of those rare, 61 note, Tom Thumb series pianos, which is quite small in size. I do not have the exact measurements available, but this instrument is not a toy in any way. It is a real, working piano built in a size and style that makes it unique today. Very few Meister pianos from this time period remain, so it has become a collectable, as far as pianos can be collectable. This one was refinished by the owner in 1997, and underwent about $700 worth of professional repairs on the inside to make it playable. It is a thoroughly enjoyable instrument to own and play and would be a great addition to the right home. The owner is asking $2,950.00, and will deliver the piano to anyone within a short distance from his location in Cape May County, New Jersey. Shipment can be arranged through a piano mover to any other destination at additional cost, or you can pick the piano up with a small truck or van. If you would like more information, just send us an e-mail and we will send you the owner's contact information. Additional pictures and details are available from the seller.

This magnificent 1886, Rosewood WEBER Grand Piano is being offered for sale by a Master-Craftsman in Piano Restoration.  It can be delivered anywhere in the lower 48 states.  Please write to us if interested and we will give you the phone number to call for details and information.
For Sale


This is a Very Nice Kohler & Campbell, Upright-Studio Piano with a solid black Ebony finish.  It comes complete with the bench shown and overall the piano is in very good condition.  The instrument was recently regulated and will only need the normal tuning service.  As the owner has purchased a grand piano, he no longer requires this very nice upright.  It is being offered, as is for $600.00.  The buyer will need to arrange transportation, although the name of a local or national piano mover can be provided if necessary.  This is an outstanding buy at $600.00 .  If you are interested, please send us an email today and we will give you the contact information for the owner of the piano.  Your are purchasing this piano from the owner and Action Piano does not become involved in your purchase in any way, nor do we provide any guarantee as to condition, performance or suitability for any particular or special purpose.  The piano is located in the Philadelphia/Delaware metro region.

Use the email button above.  If you have any trouble just send your email to     pianosrebuilt@yahoo.com.

This is a beautiful 1904, Chickering Grand Piano.  In 1997, this Chickering was rebuilt with all new strings, new tuning pins, restored soundboard, new pin block, all new keytops and a rebuilt action and damper system.  The cabinet was refinished in the original Red Mahogany color. This piano, truly came back from the dead, as all the wood completely black with heavily checkered varnish and years of polish and wax buildup. It was given to its present owner, restored by us at Action Piano and was valued at approximately $18,500.00, when finished.  The owners are now selling this lovely piece.  The price is negotiable and they are quite flexible, as some update service will be needed.  In any case, this is a rare model Chickering you should seriously consider.  Just drop us a line if you are interested and we will give you the information to contact the seller.  We, at Action Piano, are not involved in the sale in any way.

RARE, Chickering Grand Piano



This is a very nice, Studio-sized Upright Piano. It measures 62 inches left to right, 27 inches front to back and 51 inches floor to top. The piano was made in 1899 by the George P. Bent Organ and Piano Company of Chicago. George Bent made his first organ in 1878, and later started the Crown piano company and held many patents for piano improvements. As the player piano era came to a close in the late 1920's, Bent discontinued making pianos completely. His Crown pianos, however, were later made by the Winter Piano Company. The Anderson line of upright pianos was one of Bent's special patents.Bent realized that most apartment buildings in large cities did not yet have elevators. Yet people were out buying pianos by the hundreds. Often the delivery men would arrive only to find that they were not able to navigate the heavy piano around the turns of the many flights of stairs. Bent designed the Anderson piano with two special locks. When the locks are turned from the back of the piano, the entire keyboard is released. This enabled the piano to be taken up the stairs in two pieces and easily assembled by the movers. This, of course, is not something you would need today, but it is a unique feature of this particular piano.This Anderson piano has a rebuilt action, original hammers (with some repairs) and all new white keys. It has the original strings, of which none have ever broken. The tuning pins are good, the bridges and soundboard are good and the piano is presently tuned to International pitch, which is A-435. It sounds and plays very nicely, indeed.The cabinet is all dark walnut and was refinished once in the past. Overall it looks very nice, with a few age marks here and there, as you would expect at one hundred and fourteen years of age. I would rank it an 8 out of 10 in overall appearance. The gold leaf name has been restored and the Victorian styling in this size piano is a rare treat. There is no bench with the piano, but we can provide a matching bench at reasonable cost if desired.The piano is located in Cape May County, New Jersey. We can arrange for local delivery anywhere in New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania or nearby areas at no cost to you. Or can also pick the piano up if you have a truck or can tow a trailer. We can also arrange delivery to anywhere in the 48 continental United States-- ask us about cost for this.

The Anderson Piano, Made By George P. Bent, 1899

Free Delivery N/East PA, NJ or N/Delaware

Reduced from $2,450.00   NOW -- ONLY $,1950.00 +Tax if applicable (PA & NJ Only)
FREE delivery is for Eastern PA. NJ and northern Delaware only.  We can arrange delivery to any place in the 48 lower United States.  Please call us for a quote to any other state.