Action Piano Company
North Carolina Regional Shop #5

In addition to our four locations serving the East Coast, New England and Nationwide accounts, we now offer the best to our friends in the heart of America.

Complete restoration and Professional refinishing for all pianos.

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Do you live within a few hours of HERE?

If so, and you have a piano that needs full and professional restoration, send us an e-mail today. Include a few pictures of your piano, and let us know what you would like us to do. We answer all inquiries and can provide you with the best advice and options.

Look at this beautiful restoration work by Craig Miller. Craig is a Master Craftsman piano restoration expert. He has restored hundreds of pianos of all kinds, including Grands, Spinets, Uprights, Console Size and Studio Pianos. Many of the pianos you see throughout the Action Piano Website have had new strings installed, and the soundboards rebuilt by Craig Miller. From this additional shop location near Asheville, North Carolina, Craig can better service the piano restoration needs of everyone in the region. Call or E-mail today.

Here we have two of the most difficult 'Rebuilds' one can imagine. The Charles M. Stieff Upright on the left spent decades in the basement of an old Philadelphia home. If we had a 'before' picture you would not believe it was the same piano. From rotted wood to missing keys and rusted metal parts, every detail of this 'famous brand' upright has been carefully attended to by Craig and the Action Piano team.

The Seven Foot, 1871, Emerich Betsy Grand Piano (made in Austria) on the right was in such poor condition that the main beams under the soundboard were split in half and causing the soundboard to warp against the strings. The uniquely shaped pin block was cracked and distorted and the bridges were also cracked. New bridges were made, and Craig spent months rebuilding the piano's structural beams to 'stronger-than-new' condition. The original soundboard was restored, and the iron frame and original lettering were both returned to like-new condition. Only a very limited number of piano technicians are qualified to do this kind of major restoration work. If your piano is in serious need of the Best in the Business, contact us today.



The best way to reach us is by using E-mail. If possible, include the name of your piano and the serial number if you know it. Also, some photos of your piano (sent by e-mail) will help us to evaluate your piano in advance of a reply. In any case, include any information you have. We will answer all your questions in detail. NO charge and NO Obligation.



Outstanding work

After restoring the soundboard of this upright piano, which has been placed on its back on a special dolly, Craig is lowering the beautifully restored cast iron frame (Harp) back into place. With careful alignment of the four hundred pound frame to the soundboard, and the replacement of many heavy-duty screws, the plate and soundboard will be ready for new strings.