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While many organ owners and historians alike often associate the best organs of the early nineteenth century with those made in Boston, New York, Vermont and Chicago, the fact is that in the small town of Lebanon, Pennsylvania the Miller Organ Company was making absolutely beautiful organs as early as 1873. The lovely work by craftsman, Abraham H. Miller is evident below, in this amazing and powerful 1913, organ from the original Miller factory. It was recently completed and returned to its home in New Jersey.

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As an instrument from the 1869 period, this organ does not have the massive case structure of larger organs. However, it features double banks of reeds and a strong Sub-Bass box that really gives it huge sound from an organ this early. The styling is true 'Estey' and nicely balanced. Also returned to New Jersey, this organ is at home with many other saved and treasured antiques.

Miller Organ, Style #492

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This beautiful Carhart Melodeon was built in 1864, while the Civil War was still raging in America.  When it first arrived for evaluation, it was essentially a pile of wood.  Nothing at all functioned.  All 32 strips of specially shaped Rosewood Veneer covering the legs were broken or completely missing from years of storage in a high moisture location.  The pedal lyre (left) was in many pieces, and the reedpan and cell block inside the organ were completely separated.  One bright spot was the music desk, which we usually find broken or missing entirely.  This beautiful, hand-cut desk only needed minor repairs and refinishing.  We stopped counting hours for this one-- our only concern, as always, was to make it right.  At 144 years of age, it can't be any better and plays like a charm.

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