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P. A. Starck, Grand Piano (1924)

P. S. Starck is one of those more obscure and often under rated pianos that gets put into a large class of run-of-the mill pianos, which were produced by the thousands in the early part of the Twentieth Century.  P. A. Starck, however, was no ordinary, run-of-the mill businessman.  He was an entrepreneur in every sense of the word and understood the piano business better than some of the most noted makers of his time.  Starck knew the public wanted top quality pianos and he understood that, just like pianos, buyers came in all 'sizes' and from many different walks of life.  The best way to fill such a need was to make pianos for everybody.

And so it was that,P. A. Starck began making pianos at 2160,  North Ashland Street, Chicago, Illinois, in the year 1891, and  incorporated in 1897.  This company quickly became one of the 'standard bearers' for top quality piano construction, and the P. A. Starck instruments remaining today are sought after by pianists and collectors alike.  Starck also made pianos under the names of Starckette, Combinette, Brent, Kenmore and Jesse French.  Over the years we have restored Starck pianos of all kinds.  The beautiful French Provincial Grand below, however, says it all about the craftsmanship P. A. Starck demanded for his instruments.

The beautiful Burl Walnut wood you see in these amazing photos was hiding under thick layers of blackened linseed oil and years of dirt and built-up wax.  We do not have a 'Before' picture available at this time, but the finished product says it all.


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