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1884, Clough & Warren Pump Organ

This Clough & Warren Pump Organ came to us from a customer in Ohio.  She purchased the organ for a few dollars many years ago and placed it in a barn where her husband restored farm equipment.  Over time the entire organ became coated with overspray from tractor paint and continued to deteriorate.  At long last, however, the owner found us and we were called to the rescue.

What you see is what we found-- and all that we were given.  You may not notice it here, but the handles were missing, the candle holders gone, the entire top also gone and much of the decorative spindle work was either broken or missing entirely.  There was no stool, and inside the organ parts were missing as well, including the bass amplifier,  which is a unique item in Clough & Warren Organs. 

The flash of the camera prevents
the tractor paint from showing up on
the wood.  But you can see how it
was heavily crusted on the keys.

After months of making wood parts and searching our warehouse to locate original Clough & Warren parts, we were able to bring this organ back to near original condition, with all stops functioning.  The Result is below:

This organ is just one
very big WOW!

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