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The Estey, Junior, Child's Organ, Circa 1926

This organ came to us from the great city of Manhattan.  While we have rebuilt many of these small organs over the years, most have been folding organs, which were used extensively by the US Military, organizations like the Salvation Army and travelling ministers.  Estey built thousands of folding organs from late 1800's through the middle of the Twentieth Century.  This organ, however, while the legs can be removed for transport, is not a folding design at all.  It was made as a Child's organ and has a compliment of only 49 keys.


During a previous repair effort, someone dipped all the wood parts of this organ into a bath of solid color oil stain.  Following that, they applied a thick coat of Polyurethane.  Needless to say, it took some considerable effort to remove it all.  What we found however, was an absolutely beautiful organ of solid Red Chestnut wood.  We did have to secure the owners permission, of course, to restore the organ in its original color and everyone is very happy we were able to do so.  This piece of history looks many times better in real life than the photos can portray.  The workmanship in this organ proves that Estey was still doing the same high quality work in 1926, that the previous half-century made them so famous for.  The original organ bench is still in our shops being rebuilt and restored to match. 

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