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1896 Story & Clark Reed Organ

The owner of this fine organ was moving from Connecticut to Pennsylvania and was just about out of hope for bringing his family heirloom organ back to life.  If you look at the four photos below, you will understand why.  What you see is what we got and for these pictures it is all just hanging together.
Fortunately, we are not easily frightened by these photos and when you take into consideration that the organ is a Story & Clark, rather than some obscure brand, it is easy to have a vision of what the finished product will be like.  Even starting with a well made piece, however, this organ needed a lot of TLC, to be sure.  There were many missing parts and twice as many broken parts, both inside and out.  We will spare you all the photos of the inside work and you can just look for yourself below to see what the great men and women working in the Story & Clark factory in 1896, had in mind when they built this lovely piece.
The 1896, Story & Clark after Restoration
This organ sounds as good as it looks
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