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1896 Sterling Parlor Organ

What you see here is a partially disassembled Sterling Parlor Organ.  What you are unable to see is that every single wood joint in the cabinet is either separated or already apart-- held together only slightly by wood dowels, tape or other emergency measures.  This is surely not the worst 'pile of sticks' that we have been asked to restore, but it trumps right up there at the top of the list.

The truth is that original Sterling Parlor Organs have become increasingly rare in the 21st century.  This one was acquired by its new owner in July of 2009.  The organ had been with its previous family for several generations, when the current keeper decided it was time for it to go to someone who would appreciate its potential.  This magnificent organ finally made its way to our shop

in March of 2011, and you can see the results below.  Every single wood joint was taken apart and done over.  After months of gluing, clamping, reinforcing, doweling and more gluing, the cabinet was ready for restoration.  The father of the new custodian of this timeless organ  spent his life selling and repairing pianos and organs.  So ownership of this beautiful Sterling Parlor Organ has special meaning. 
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