The 1925, J & C Fischer, Ampico, Upright-Grand Piano

This Ampico Player Piano had just about every problem some 90 years of life could throw at it.  On the positive side, the cabinet was well cared for and it was always kept in a clean and dry location.  Be that as it may be, the materials used in 1925 for the bellows cloth, the hundreds of feet of tubing and the quality of leather available at the time all combined to make this piano appear to be fully and completely dead.  NOT TRUE .

The woods used in J & C Fischer Pianos were all of the highest quality.  Likewise, the soundboard, iron frame and keys were made to last centuries.  You are never able to achieve the kind of restoration you see in these pictures, unless the original builders had it in their minds to make something of the highest standards that they could at the time. 

Click this Ampico link to hear the J & C Fischer, Ampico play an Ampico Music Roll.

Click this link to hear the J & C. Fischer play a Play-Rite Version of New York, New York.

This beautiful J & C Fischer Ampico Player Piano was fully restored with a completely rebuilt soundboard, all new strings, all new valves, new tubing and bellows cloth, controls and safety equipment.  All the orignal functions and manual control levers were restored and the metal cabinet parts are original.  The electric motor and rotary pump were restored and the cabinet was completely refinished in the same beautiful Mahogany finish to look as it did in 1925.

The piano has returned to its home in Phoenix, Arizona.

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